Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians
We have an amazing school. A place where a "Raffles child" will fulfill her or his potential! Raffles Education Corporation has been around for over thirty years providing top quality education at the college level.
Now, Raffles has set its sights on providing top quality k-12 education, following in the footsteps of Raffles American School Iskander, a highly successful International school in Malaysia.
Why should you choose to send the most important people in your life to our school? There are many reasons, including the fact that we are the newest school around, so all of the equipment and materials will be brand new. More importantly, we have hired the most experienced teachers we could find and if you do happen to move, there will likely be a Raffles school that your child can attend using the same curriculum in another country. Raffles is constantly building first class schools throughout south East Asia. Our curriculum is based on the American core curriculum which is well researched and data driven taking the best ideas from many educational jurisdictions and creating a well-balanced program where your child will be measured against core standards, not against other students.
By entering your child in RAS now, you are entering an important gateway to American culture and language. Raffles not only has universities and colleges in Asia but also in the United States that can provide a smooth continuum of education for you child.

RAS is the future. As your children grow, so will we. We are starting small to ensure we focus on every child, and as we grow we will ensure we have the infrastructure to keep that focus in place. Come grow with us!
Dr.Thomas Guy Hamilton, PhD
Head of School
02 034 0700
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