Middle School  (Grades 5-8)

In the Middle School students rotate to specialist subject teachers. An emphasis is on Language Arts: reading,writing, listening and speaking as the reader/writer workshop approach is applied to higher level texts and writing purposes. Mathematics is instructed daily focusing on the mathematical practices required to explore algebra topics both conceptually and procedurally. Science class requires the art of scientific inquiry and synthesis of information gained through research. In Social Studies students explore the region of Asia, Ancient Civilizations around the globe, the Renaissance/Middle Ages, and culminate in the Global Issues of Today. Visual Art and Music allow students the opportunity to explore the world through an artistic lens. The Physical Education program instructs students on life long physical health routines. The World Language program allows a choice of a second language instructed through the 5 C's: Culture, Communications, Connection, Comparison and Community. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum as each student is required to have a Macbook Pro laptop for use in each subject area.
Middle School  (Grades 5-8) Schedule
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